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Meraki Artisan Teas

Meraki translates into: “Doing something with passion, creativity or love: when you leave a piece of yourself in your work”.  This phrase represents everything that we put into our handcrafted teas.

Meraki Artisan Teas was born after feeding a demand for a high quality, Canadian produced whole leaf tea. Locally handcrafted in Richmond BC, each of our 16 blends are responsibly sourced and from ethical growers around the world. Produced in partnership with the sustainable farming community, we’re proud that our Meraki Artisan teas are eco-friendly. Our teas are placed in triangle shaped biodegradable tea pouches and are individually wrapped in clear packing to ensure convenience and freshness.

Our unique packaging stands apart from the rest. We use distinct colours to represent the different types of teas and specific keywords to convey what our brand represents. Our variety of green, black, and herbal teas come in 15 count boxes and 50 count bulk packs.

Owners Bill and Rama have been in the foodservice industry for over 27 years. They have been able to really listen to their customers and produce a product that they are incredibly proud of. Shop Meraki Artisan Teas online now!

You can find Meraki Artisan Teas at Meinhardt Fine Foods!