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Wholesale Tea Accessories

Tea is a centuries-old beverage that plays an important role in cultures ranging from India and China to Africa and Central America. Pedro’s works with farmers in tea-growing regions around the world to grow and hand-select the finest leaves – providing our tea-drinkers with the complex and aromatic flavours that they long for.

Beacuse presentation is very important to us, Meraki Artisan Teas carries three different styles of displays for ease of accessability for your business. We also sell coordinated tea pots for a colourful presentation and light hearted expereinece for your customers!

Canadian Produced Tea

Pedro’s buys only the highest grade whole leaf teas to create our line of Meraki Artisan Teas –  we add passion, creativity & love to each batch to create fresh, aromatic and vibrant teas.

Steep, sip and enjoy!

Contact Us for more information about wholesale tea program, pricing and loose leaf options.